ACP comes in a sheet form having different sizes .

Replacement of Marble for entrance gate with Marble decor.

Aluminium Composition making Process.

Aluminium Composite Panel foil log.

Advantages of High Pressure Laminates:

1. Anti-Fungal protection

2. Lightweight, reducing frame loading and installation costs

3. Capable of being shaped and formed without loss of surface integrity

4. High strength and rigidity – outstanding deflection and bending strength

5. Short time for Mounting : as result cuts down construction time

6. Good Sound insulation – reduces unwanted vibrational noise

7. Ease of installation – can be bent, cut, drilled, punched & stamped

8. Resistant to extremes of weather exposure and temperature

9. Excellent UV characteristics retaining colour after long exposure

10. Smooth paint finish and locquering – 3 layer PVdF 70% Kynar – 500

11. Superior flatness – ideal of creating smooth, monolithic surfaces

12. High impact resistance

13. Pollution, acid, alkali, and self-spray resistant finish

14.Very low coefficient of expansion

15. Minimal maintenance

16. Wide range of choice available

Aluminium Composite Panel(A.C.P) is a very unbending and strong material with interior and exterior grade despite its light weight. Aluminium composite panels comes in a large number of different shades and colors.ACPs are produced in a wide variety of metallic and non metallic colors as healthy as patterns that initiate other materials such as Plain,Wooden,Granite etc.


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